We are headed to Maui in 2 weeks for a much needed vacation and we cannot be more excited! So ready to be loungin'. Six days of Hawaiian bliss! I can't wait to be beach bumming it with a nice cold liliko'i smoothie in my hand, garlic spam musubi in the other, and a flower in my hair. But first, packing!

Packing for a trip with a baby is no easy task. I've already begun making sure we have all the essentials. When it comes to lounging around, I wanted to find a lounger that was safe but also portable for Zac. Just because we are on vacay, doesn't mean we stop her routine completely. Napping has been one of our biggest challenges since she turned 4 months, so ensuring she has a good place to nap is key. Having a place to play is a bonus. Thanks to Amazon, I was led to the Lulyboo, Lulyzoo collection! I like to call this thing the poor mom's Dock-a-Tot. Of course it doesn't have all the same features, but it does the job! 


The Lulyzoo has different animals to choose from, and I was torn between the elephant and the lion. I ended up letting the hubz choose because I was so indecisive. He went with the elephant because we already had a plush lion head hanging in her nursery.  I felt that it was a legit reason and I couldn't be happier with it. Zac loves faces (like most babies) and this elephant has a big one. The ears crinkle, so it keeps her stimulated and entertained. 


The lounger is contoured at the ends for ergonomic lounging, but can also be used like a portable bassinet. This lounger is technically a "toddler lounger", so there's plenty of room to grow. It's super soft, machine washable, waterproof, and best of all, folds into a backpack for easy carrying and portability. It's perfect to have both poolside and beachside!


I've already begun using this at home. At first I just wanted Zac to get used to it so it wouldn't be foreign to her once we got to Hawaii, but it's proved to be so useful at home. She lounges in it while I fold laundry or blog. I've even set it on the bed for her to nap in while I play Candy Crush (yes, I STILL play this) or take a nap myself. If the pack-n-play crib provided by the hotel turns out to be junk, we may even use this as a co-sleeper while we're there. I'd definitely recommend this product. The next time I post a photo of this, it will be under the palm trees. Can't wait!

  • Lounger | Lulyboo
  • Playsuit | Old Navy
  • Hair clip | Modern Bean

All from the Anti-Mall

Last Saturday, during a quick trip to SoCal, we stopped by an old neighborhood favorite of mine, The Lab. You can find out more about what they call the anti-mall here. The lab isn't very big, but I always end up walking away with something. 

In the photo above, the glass piece is the Magical Thinking Geo Terrarium from Urban Outfitters. You can order it here. I was lucky enough to get the only one in the store. 

Inside the terrarium is the air plant that I bought it from Organic Designs by Aggelige at The Camp. It's the shopping area across the street from the lab. You can learn more about it here. This air plant is called Cotton Candy. What a name! I think it suits it perfectly. You can find out more about Organic Designs here. I love air plants because they are super low-maintenance. The fact that I can keep air plants and succulents alive is pretty mind-blowing. I don't have the greenest thumb. I'm so happy that submerging them in water once a week and indirect sunlight are the only things really crucial to their survival.

This succulent is potted in a vintage porcelain clog. The owner of the shop has family that lives in the East Coast that sends her vintage pottery like this every so often. Succulents like this are great because you only need to heavily spray them once a week. Direct and indirect sunlight is fine for something like this. 

I love decorating my home with things like this. I'm all for vintage-modern.