Dressing Zachary Jean

Summer is here! We're ready to make it legendary!

Summer in the Bay Area doesn't always mean super hot weather, but it's definitely full of adventure and fun! This season is one of our favorites (not to mention that Zachary and I are both summer babies!). Although our summer might look and feel different than it does for other families, it doesn't stop us from dressing the part. Summer clothes are the best!


This summer we're excited to be partnering with Gymboree and their Local Legends Campaign to share how we make our summer adventures legendary. Their summer collection is full of bright colors and is a perfect fit for all the activities we enjoy during the summer. With Gymboree you are sure to find some awesome pieces for your kid to look great, but also comfortable to play in all day. The Local Legends Campaign has challenged us to share what our family does to make our summer memorable. I love this theme because I'm reminded of how amazing my summers were as a child, young and carefree. It brings me so much joy to be able to make new memories with my own kids. Below is a few of our favorite summer traditions:

Outsidelands Music Festival

My husband and I have been attending this festival since moving to the Bay Area in 2012. It's one of favorites because it's held at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Outsidelands is not your typical music festival. Much of it has to do with our summer weather. The park is surrounded by trees, and fog surrounds the nights. When the sun goes down, music blares and the lights turn on through the foggy trees. The park becomes a magical, mystical playground. Bringing our little dancer, Zac with us has only made the experience more enjoyable. This festival is fun for the whole family!

Urban Hikes

Summer is a great time to enjoy the great urban outdoors. We love taking walks around the City and surrounding areas to enjoy the scenery and window shop. Walking around, even in familiar areas, can sometimes feel like a vacation when you have nothing on the schedule and nowhere to be.


What better way to spend summer than at the happiest place on Earth?! Some of our family lives in Southern California, so we visit often. This year we made the wise decision to become Disneyland season pass holders. By the end of this year, Zac will no longer be the only child, so we wanted to make a point to spend as much time with her as possible before her new sibling arrives in October. Seeing her little face light up when we enter the park makes my heart melt.

Boba Runs

We love a delicious chilled beverage in the summer. Boba is one of those drinks that make a summer day even better! Whether it's an afternoon pick-me-up or an ice blended dessert, it always hits the spot. One of our favorites is Boba Guys (see photos)

Head over to Gymboree to check out their summer collection and get ready to make this one legendary!


#Mamarazzi is in full effect

Zac is at such a fun age right now! She's full of personality and loves taking pictures. I'm a sucker for bold, vibrant colors and wanted to take advantage of this location. 

  • Turban | Ultra Violet Kids
  • Miffy Romper | Kira Kids
  • Sandals | Avarcas USA

Out of 200+ applicants, Zachary was chosen to be casted to be in a photoshoot for Wunderkin Co in Capitola, California. The photoshoot is for their Summer Season 2017 #GirlSquad. Leej and I have been told on many occasions to have her sign with a talent agency to model, but were, and still are, reluctant to do so at this time. We decided that we would just do it for fun (and for cool swag and stuff) for now, and as opportunities present themselves, then let her decide if she wanted to do more of it (with an agency) when she's older. The photos from the Wunderkin shoot will be public when the season starts on June 19th. I can't wait to see how they turned out. Even I make a cameo as the Mama/baby holder! They started with Zac since she was the youngest, so we were done earlier than expected. And since we were already there and the evening was beautiful, I decided to go ahead and take photos myself. I mean, why not?!


7-8 Months of Motherhood

Yup, I skipped one! But not on purpose. I could be feeling disappointed about it, but instead I'm just feeling human. Like a tired, busy, and happy human to a spunky 8-month-old. Here she is in her super comfy organic brunch onesie c/o Kira Kids! They have the cutest organic cotton baby clothes, perfect for babes with sensitive skin. Check them out!

I had only planned on doing these month posts until she turned one, but I'm not beating myself up for missing one. It paints a picture of what life is like right now- BUSY. It is at this point that I've come to find that 

1. Time is beginning to move even faster.  

Rolling with the punches has become the norm because life is going at lightning speed. It's been more difficult to find the time to make a decent cup of coffee, much less blog. Teething and eczema is quite the combo. This pair calls for a more clingy babe who wants to be held more often, struggles with naps, and constantly needs skin attention to ensure she doesn't scratch herself raw. Throw in a cold, like I'm dealing with this week, and bam! Time = vanished! Thank the Lord she is still able to sleep through the night (most of the time).

And then there's mobility. At 7 months Zac had become much more active and mobile. Although she has yet to master the art of crawling, she has become a professional at rolling from point a to point b. This week alone she's learned to army crawl (crawling using mostly her arm strength while her legs trail behind), as well as conquering the skill of going from tummy to seated. This may not sound super exciting, but to a first time parent it is everything! Milestones are THE BEST. The feeling of achievement and pride in your little one is sometimes overwhelming. It's almost like your favorite sports team winning a game or getting to In-N-Out Burger on a weekday evening and there is no line. It's a victory! 

2. One does not simply "grab brunch".

Having a baby can alter your social life. But the truth is, if you made the decision to have a baby, you signed up for that. Of course I still have a social life, but it's different. Leejay and I have to schedule meet-ups in advance if we want to spend time sans baby with our friends. It's great because we both get a chance to hangout with Zac one-on-one. So when I get the opportunity to "grab brunch" it's usually a glorious 2-hour experience. Funny enough, in those 2 hours, I miss her. We are fortunate that most of our friends love having Zac come along. Huge plus!

3. Baby fever strikes again, amirite?!

I know. It sounds totally insane in the membrane, but hear me out. Watching my baby learn and grow has been so much fun. At 8 months her personality has really developed into one that is hilarious, a bit mischievous, and so stinking cute! I look back at pictures of Zac sometimes and it's crazy seeing what she looked like as a newborn and reminiscing on how those first few weeks felt in comparison to what my weeks feel now. I already miss those days (except the no sleep part), but I'm also so happy with where we are now. It's the amount of love I have for the girl that makes the thought of having another baby so exciting! Why are babies so delicious, though?? Parenthood really is the best hood.


Introducing the lovey

Like many FTMs (First Time Moms), I've read a couple of books on birth, baby milestones, and how to how to help babies sleep. Loveys (or transitional objects) have been a recurring topic. For those who are unfamiliar with what a lovey is, a lovey is simply something your baby loves. It can be a security blanket, a plush toy, or whatever. It's a tangible item that soothes and comforts your baby. 

We purchased a dinosaur lovey from Nordstrom before we even knew the gender of our baby. Because who doesn't like dinosaurs?! I began introducing Zachary to her ultra soft dino lovey during her wake hours at around 5 weeks. She seems to like it. We don't leave it in the crib with her because it can present a potential choking hazard at her age, but we do use it when we are just hanging out at home. When she's fussy during diaper changes, I sometimes show it to her and graze it against her chest hand or neck to calm her. She hasn't discovered what her hands can do yet, so she doesn't go reaching for it, but she's great at posing with it for photos! Yes, I'm that mom.

The onesie was made especially for her by our friend, Gabe Bondoc. He is a musical artist, and the 1279 design comes from his merch store. The cat mocs were a gift from my best friend, Julianne. You'll be surprised how many pairs of moccasins will be gifted to you when you have a child. It's pretty insane how popular they are. Zachary has a ton! I've been trying to get at least one photo in each pair before she grows out of them. The ones pictured here are a size 1 and fit perfectly.

  • Hair clip | Chimne
  • Baby halter onesie | Gabe Bondoc
  • Dino Soother | Nordstrom
  • Cat moccasins | Freshly Picked

Dressing Zachary Jean

At first Zachary was feelin' this bow. Until, of course, she wasn't. (See photo progression.) This is the bow we got from Chimne. I still love it — especially the color — but it doesn't quite fit her yet. Right now it looks like the bow is wearing her. Dressing this girl is so much fun. I look forward to the day she starts dressing herself. I've been tagging her outfits under the category: Dressing Zachary Jean. If you follow her on Instagram, her outfits are tagged with #zacharysofetch.

  • Bow headband | Chimne
  • Onesie | Carters
  • Shorts | Janie and Jack
  • Panda throw pillow | Target